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A re-useable alternative to plastic bags!

Our fun and colorful baggies are great for snacks, sandwiches, and just about anything!
We make our baggies with a 100% cotton print outer (we also have 100% organic cotton choices) and a waterproof inner (PU coated nylon). Lbaggies are food safe and free of lead, phlalates, BPA, and PVC.

Lbaggies come in two sizes: snack (6 in. x 6 in.) and sandwich (7 in. x 7 in.) and have a snap closure. We find snaps work better than aplix/velcro so you don't get all those icky crumbs stuck in the closure. And you won't smoosh your sandwich snapping them closed- just pinch the fabric from the outside to snap together.

Here are some new ideas from friends and customers: Lbaggies can also be used for carrying makeup or feminine products in your purse, storing your kids' silly bandz, and holding hair accessories.

Wash instructions: turn inside out to wipe/rinse clean, or machine wash.


For information on selling Lbaggies for your fundraising event,
please visit our fundraising page.

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